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my tv“my tv” is being established on 20th December 2010 as a television channel with the slogan “Excellence in Innovation” to run 24 hours a day usingBengali language as the primary medium, reaching Bengali speaking population, worldwide. A race of more than 350 million people, present in the every corner of the globe, with a rich cultural heritage over a thousand years old aged Dhaka had only marginal exposure  in the global stage, most of depressingly negative. Other than some acknowledgement of the know giants of Bengoli such as Kazi


Nazrul Islam, Rabindronath Tegor, Maulana Vashani, A.K. Fazlul Haque, Sekh Mujibur Rahman, Dr. Younus, Amarta Sen, Ravi Sankar, F.H Khan- representation of the Bengali race remains peripheral.

This multi faith, multi-natural race has unique presence in the world today and in spite of many adversities both in the past and present, survives with great vigor and potential right across the globe. The founder of “my tv” emerges from deeply held commitment to give a voice to the Bengali people of the world that does justice to their global presence and rich heritage earned through the glorious war and liberation in the year of 1971. source:

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